GROW Collagen On Face Derma Roller(0.75 mm)💜

Beauty Professional Grade Precision Rolling with Fast, Dramatic Results, Treating Acne Scars, Beauty Wand Skin Care Tool (DNS1200-0.75 mm)

I do the 0.75 derma roller every 2 weeks. You can’t do it more then that because you will actually damage your collagen production process by not giving the skin enough time to heal. I add Vit C or Rosehip oil which I have here on this site for after the rolling. YES, it does hurt. I don’t use a numbing cream, but you can. No, I don’t bleed, but you could if you do it hard, which is not the point. I do it at night for a good recovery. Remember body produces a healing energy at 9pm-1am if you are sleeping!

The reason for this is because if you are sleeping or laying down and resting , the body then can use all that healing energy for the face. DO NOT USE A DERMA ROLLER if you have acne, unless you want to spread all the bacteria on your face!

Click on Link-Title to buy!

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