PUREST Water On Earth Water Distiller 🌱

OrangeA Water Distiller Water Distillation Pure Water Distiller Filters Stainless Steel 4L 750W Purifier Filter

Water distillers are great for cooking and to make beauty products. There is controversy surrounding if one should drink it or not as claims says that it will deplete you from nutrients. Other claims are that it will detox you and that it is natures way of drinking it. There is this 80 year old woman who is ageless who drinks distilled water. I am currently in the process of discovering the truth myself and experimenting. If you want to know where I got mine. Click on the link-title.

By the way, this is the residue from the cooked water. This is what is in our water. The stench that came out when I opened the lid was unbearable. I had to crack a window.

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